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I shall keep updating this page with my progress for my supporters.

18th april.

4 miles on tissington track, sun out , better gloves much easier than last time. Lovely afternoon x

21st april,

 just under 5 miles on bakewell track, around 4.85 so not far off . really pleased. sun helped and cheesy doodle dog as companyx

  Fri 23rd april,
 4 and half miles today, muscles still hurting from wed so think i did quite well.
 3 miles today and halved time to do it. chuffed.
 Wed 28th april 
 6.5 miles today.
omg, just realised my measure thing not working prop, what i thought was 5 and half miles today was six and half!!!! Six and half miles!!! knackered but chuffed.
fri 30th,
carsington water today, just a short one but not easy, some of the hills i only just got up but managed just over 3 miles 3.32.  Weather horrible at start but no sooner out the sun shone on me for the rest of the day.  Was lovely.  Think my dear old mum must be looking down from up there and ordering me some sun, thanks mum!! x
had short break as shoulder sore, so didnt get out till today the
7th May
Been along the bakewell track today, bluebells out, lovely sunnyy day, went from the station to coombes rd then back up to monsal tunnel. Had lunch with the cows, and saw a rabbit.!  Some very loud birds singing to their hearts content, to top it off met some lovely people who took a card with lewis details on and made a donation of all the coins they had got. Thank you x x    Took my time to day as shoulder still sore but managed 6.5 miles today in spight so really pleased. xx

               beautiful bluebells near the station, really lovely x

Monday 10th may

Been up to parsley hay, tiring day, shoulder still bit sore so took it steady.  did 6 milees but slow and raining plus freezing cold. Not a pleasent day but i got out and did it so pleased…  Plus side saw some lovely scenery and lots of robbins wishing me well on my way! lol x

 Not been out much this week, resting a sore shoulder which is now on the mend.  will be back out next week so keep checking for update.  Am getting frustrated and want to be out, best weather yet as well so raring to get out there, but as they say, slowly surely wins the race! x

Am keeping up with exercises and strengthening my arms to cope with work load coming up folks.  Need popeyes spinach!! lol

Beautiful sunny day here, so wish i was out on the road.  Must not give in tho temptation too much,  will be out soon.  Just need to rest up.  getting better so back wheeling soon x will let you all know and hopefully can get some more pics up.  At least it will be warmer than the last time i was out brrrrrrrrr x

 tue 25th may

Hi all .  just to say feeling much better shoulder nearly there now, couple more days and back in the saddle.  I have spent this time very resourcefully, sorting out prizes for my coffee morning and donations from local shops, as well as getting posted on couple of websites so that is great.  Keep a look out for me on guide to derby website and also in the inside 72 mag which comes out early june in derby.  Hopefully will be in couple of papers soon, just got to check up on them today.. So busy busy, but misssing my wheelie. be out soon and cant wait. xxxx

Hi all, just to let you all know feeling much better just in time for school holidays!  Will have kids home this week so not much wheeling going on as need to spend time with them as the next few months are going to be taken up with this so last chance to spend all the time i can with them.  Will go out for next serious ride  next week and will let you know how i go on,  fingers and everything crossed and keep checking up .  Am so frustrated at slowness of progress at the mo but i dare not push it before it is ready so must be patient which i am not renowned for!!  I have managed to get in the peak advertiser so all look out for me this week xxxxx

whilst there is a lull in mine why not check out these guys who are helping lewis.

 what a grand sunny day, feel lots better today (wed) so am looking forward to first day out on monday.  seems too long. hope weather holds up for me and it stays dry.  to decide where to go now xx hmm

Well monday nearly here. am itching to get out feel all slobby now and need some air.  Cant wait, please prey for a nice dry day for me.  will post a pic on monday x

Hi all.  Is it really the 7th june!  Flippin heck how time flies. got out today and just went out for more of a walk than a challenge! did 3.2 miles just to see how shoulder was and holding up fine.  Will prob go out on friday (or one other day this week) dont want to mess things up and see how shoulder reacts again.  Wish me luck all. need more support than ever now. so desperately want this all to go right and meet my goal in full health.  At least it stayed dry today and much warmer than my last trip out, in fact i just missed all the rain, as i got in the car it started to team it down so good timing.  (thanks mum up there x) she obviously giving the big man what for and telling him to hold off the rain for me. (she would as well ! lol ) Anyway, here are pics . x

Week beginning 14th june.

Been out a couple of times this week. Not pushing it too far, but shoulder def lots better, can push harder on it now and it withstanding the work.  Sore a little after but next day back to normal. so all good and am enjoying the freedom again, especially in this sun GLORIOUS!  Here are some pics of my wheeleing and will update you on next weeks when i get it xxxxx sarah

Sorry not been updating, been so busy with my wheeling and decorating and family obligations have been literally run off my feet.  Glad to report that  i am back to wheeling as good as i was before shoulder sprain so will up the amount of times i am out now not so much distance but increase the frequency to get bigger and stronger arms.  Had some lovely runs out in the sun past couple of weeks and also in bakewell carnival which was some of the most entertaining training i have done so far!!  so pleased with the progress and literally back on tracks.  off out again tom and hope the sun is shinning for me.  will post some pics up now x  bye till end of week when i will post some more. x


Posted May 12, 2010 by sarah

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  1. Hi Sarah, well done to you for being patient and not going out before that shoulder better. Glad its feeling better and am sure you’ll reap the benefits of the rest up. Will be expecting you to whizz past one day when i’m ambling along the line, keep it up, your a star xxxx

    shelly marshall
  2. Thanks shell xx

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