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Monday 5th july.

Started out cold, then turned beautiful.. sky blue and sun lovely and warm but still a stiff breeze which made it hard goin.  Been suffering with cold and cough and bit tired but decided to give it a go and in spite of poor health got the five miles done but bit slow.  Truth be known i was chasing butterflies and taking pics of wild flowers it was so lovely.   I feel so lucky to be here and to be doing this especially after the past week when two other little children lost their fight to this cancer .  It makes me push all the harder, so what a cold puuughhh nothing is it in the scheme of things.  Not compared to the heartache these families and them poor little angels have been thro and have yet to come.   So yes, i felt very lucky to be dancing with the butterflies today……………………..

I Wish……….


Such a good day with friends doing the 5km race for life..  Raised £100 so that was good and got to do some exercise whilst with others having much fun.. Thank you to all my friends who came and who gave me a shove up the steep hills and also stopped me taking off down them!!  Love to you all… things like this make you realise what love and support you have out there xxx

Bit slow past couple of weeks. Bad weather not good for wheelchairs so no photos of track as couldnt find the will to take one of wind and rain.!! Not doing bad, tho shoulder still a bit weak so am having to take it steady.   Will rest if for a few days and try it out on a longer one again.  If it still plays me up i think the only answer is to give it a couple of weeks rest then to give the challenge a go when it is completely healed and just do my absolute best.  I am sure you will all understand if  i dont complete the whole 13 miles if it goes on me again .  All i can promise is that i will do my damndest to finish it and will give it  100% effort.  After all , not loosing sight of what this is all about is the most important thing. Raising money for lewis mighty and getting him the chance of survival he deserves, so please people , donate what you can on the Donations tabs on the pages  above to get this little boy the treatment he needs and to get me as far as i can go xx                                                                            

week starting 19th july.

Been fairly good week, weather not brill but caught some good days in between showers.  lets hope next week a bit warmer or am seriously having to ditch my sandals as toes are turning blue out there!

week 26th and 2nd…

some mixed days out, some good some bad, really strong one yesterday and feeling very posititive for wheelie tommorrow.  Got a good camera now so better photos too hopefully xxx

isnt nature amazing ! x


Posted July 5, 2010 by sarah

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