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About Myself.

As an above the knee amputee that has for 23 yrs used an artificial limb, I had never really used a wheelchair until around a month ago – when discovering Lewis and the journey that he has to face,  I  realised I had to do something to help,  so after racking my brains to find a way to help, at  around 2am in the morning in bed I had an inspiration,  wheelchair , I could get a wheelchair to do a sponsored wheelie to raise money.  So after a few weeks of trying out the wheelchair and making sure it was for me here I am.  Heading for 13 miles in a manual chair and asking all who wish, to push me on with good will and to sponsor me to raise as much as  possible for lewis.

Background story that led me to this…

I became an amputee at the age of 16 when i was involved in a motorbike accident with my boyfriend  David.  We were both lucky to escape with our lives. 

 I went on from there to raise a family, getting married and going along with daily life.  Then in 2005 , ecstatic that I was expecting my son I was given the news my mum had pancreatic cancer.  She was 60 at that time and was given a few months to live,  there was nothing we could do. 

We lost our dear mum 3 months before my son was born into this world, she never met him and it seemed that  within a few months I had lost and gained someone very precious.   Cancer is something so indiscriminate, its victims are not only those who are battling, but those fighting around them.  The family that can never see from their loved ones view, but they feel such pain and such loss after the fight that it goes on for the rest of their lives.  I transferred my loss of my mother on to a fear of loosing my son as he is so precious,  so when I saw lewis, and his family  and the strength they were finding to fight it felt quite personal, such  a fantastic family. 

Since my mum’s death I had the need to help , but I hadn’t the heart to put into it, until seeing lewis on Secret millionaire.  Lewis and his family are such an inspiration to everyone, so much so to me that I am now in a wheelchair after vowing to never go back in one ( although the freedom is fantastic should have realised long time ago!)  and I am now taking the challenge to do 13 miles of  the tissington track to help raise some money toward their goal. 

This challenge is to get Lewis closer to his treatment, and is also in remembrance of my dear mum, who was just like Lewis Mighty, simply the best…..

                                                                           my mum

my son jack…   my star.

Sarah x

If anyone needs to contact me please email me on higgins.sarah29@yahoo.com, i will endeavour to get back to you asap xx   Many thanks x


Posted May 12, 2010 by sarah

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