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I even managed to overtake Brian!! 


The challenge I have set myself is to use only my manual wheelchair to cover 13 miles on the Tissington trail, to raise sponsors for Lewis Mighty who has Neuroblastoma cancer.  At the moment I am up to six miles, getting out as much as possible in between house and family commitments, and you can usually see me with someone giving encouragement or my dog Jessie in tow!      

 The chair I use is just a normal lightweight manual wheelchair with no adaptions, just my hard work and determination propels it forward (tho sometimes it would be nice to have a little motor on it somewhere!) and encouragement from all those who are doing such a great job supporting me. 

I get out most weeks for about 3 days, usually along one of the peaks old train tracks or sometimes around carsington reservoir.  I am obviously very limited to where I can go as it needs to be fairly flat, not too many steep hills!   My family generally take turns to come out with me, or my little dog Jessie comes along for company and support..

We are hoping to get a date as close to if not on, the 28th of August to do the challenge, it obviously relies on many factors personally and weather wise!   We will be on the look out for a good day, definitely dry as the wheelchair is no good in very wet weather!

If you would like to follow what I am up to at the moment click on my blog page at the top which I shall keep updating with my progress..

Please click on the buttons and donate any amount, even if it is just pennies, Do you realise that if all the people who viewed this page gave just £1 lewis could have his treatment now..  Any amount is hugely important to our aim.  All those who donate will be entered into a prize draw when the challenge is complete, just make sure your details on how to contact you are left with us when you donate.  THANK YOU X

Article due to come out 27th may  (sorry cant get it any bigger, will post link to it when published! s)  Derby mag not on there yet but should be next month!

Tissington Trail link



Posted April 26, 2010 by sarah

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  1. Please leave details of any donations here please so we can keep tab on totals. Words of encouragement and questions also. Many thanks sarah x

  2. £5 on its way hunni! good luck – let me know when it is and will some oveer and kidnap the dog and do the walk with you! xxxxx

  3. Way to go Sarah! we are so proud of you and you are an inspiration to whoever you meet. love ya xx

  4. Good luck Sarah. This sort of story makes you count your blessings. £10 via Paypal on it’s way.

  5. Glad you are getting beyond the halfway point Sarah, really are proud of your and kisses xx

    Lawrence (Dad)
  6. Thank you all xxxxxxxxx means so much and keeps me going x

  7. Well done Sarah and clever you for setting this up. Don’t forget if am not at work more than happy to accompany you.Hopefully see you tomorrow xxxxxx

  8. Hi Sarah, £10 donated from myself, Martyn (Compo) and Haydn. Good luck with all your training and your challenge I’ll certainly be watching out for your progress and supporting you all the way. Take care Kirsty x

  9. Hi again, I didn’t leave my number when I donated sorry! But, you have my mobile number if you are entering us into the raffle! x

    • Hi kirsty, no worries. when you donate thro paypal it sends me your address that you have to enter. It is so that i can contact the winner at the end. It is used ONLY for that purpose and after the event all the info on addresses will be destroyed when no longer needed. So dont worry, and i do have your no as well. Take care x

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