13 MILE CHALLENGE COMPLETED ! 25/08/2010   4 comments


‘Well all, i have finally done it!!!!  The challenge was met and i managed the 13 miles of tissington tracks in five and half hours with only the help of a small cow who decided to chase us down the tracks, that as kirsty suggested took off a least half hr!! lol

It was a lovely day, bit of sun but not to hot, no wind and no rain!!! yahoooo…. we were off, 8.30 am from parsley hay, off on the tracks with my sister maria, had a lovely push thro to biggin and to Alsop seeing 3 rabbits on the way and lots of chattin  The views approaching alsop are beautiful, a really lovely stretch will def go back..           

Got to Alsop around 11.20 and had some lunch where Maria was swapped with my dad and daughter kerry..  We Left there for around 11.45  as i didnt want my muscles to have a chance to go stiff on me .  I found from there half way that the track got easier lot less stoney and nice and smooth so it was plain sailing up to tissington apart from the muddy bits and odd hole trying to catapult me off the chair!, We stopped  at Tissington for a well earned ice cream for ten mins  and loo break then off again past fenny bently . 

 Bit muddy but still good going, shoulder held up a treat which was my main worry and at eleven miles was feeling fine.  Doing so well that i was starting to think that there must be something bad round the corner but no, it went  like a dream.  (poor old dad and kerry where puffing well trying to keep up so still going strong, was the fruit pastils , they have super poweers!  )      We arrived at Ashbourne after stray cattle chased us through a gate with slight panic! they may be small but they look HUGE when your in a wheelchair!!!    We whizzed down the hill which is really steep and had to use kerry as a brake or else my poor gloves would have dissintegrated even further. 

Then up the hill to dadddaaaa Ashbourne car park…  13.2 miles and feeling on top of the world..  After months of planning and training and worries about shoulder injuries i was questioning my strength to do this, well i did it and am very proud and excited, but little sad it is over.   So now to plan my next one………  Anyone up for a few more miles…   watch this space xx    

i will post up how much i have raised when sponsor sheets and money is in… Thank you to all who have helped me along the way, i really could not have done this without all your help and encouragement.. Thank you xxxxxx sarah 

Thanks dad for helping and always be there if i need you, Thanks to maria and jane for being the best sisters always and helping so much. Thank you to my husband who helps me and supports me with my hair brained schemes and to my children who support me and are the light of my life..    And my friends who i love so dearly and are so generous and supportive you know who you are xxx  And all those who sponsored me, i would never have done this without you all xx


  Just a little add on, i forgot to Thank my mum god rest her soul, who this challenge was dedicated to and who,  all tho was not down here on this earth.. was following every step and watching out for me all the way, she gave me the strength and made me who i am xx Thanks mum. love you x


my dear mum and dad x

photos all in wrong order sorry!!!  Will put up total when all sponsors in..  Sarah xxx


Posted August 25, 2010 by sarah

4 responses to “13 MILE CHALLENGE COMPLETED ! 25/08/2010

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  1. Excellent report! And you should be proud, it can’t have been easy. Well done for your determination. I think for that I am going to have to put another donation in hmmmm I’m going to be skint soon! :o)

  2. Thanks kirsty, without the support from people such as yourself i would have had a much harder time, you all kept me going with your kind words and encouragement.. All my family and friends were brilliant so here is to you too xxxxxx

  3. Well done Sarah, have a tear rolling down the cheek as i write. Your right to be proud as I am to have you as a friend. Your determinetion is an inspiration. I would love to do a challenge with you, would part of the pennine way be doable ,or cumbrian.way. Just a thought and may need a little more planning!! What ever you do I will always be behind you, and the olympics are in England!!!!! lots of love xxxxx

  4. Well done Sarah, never ever doubted your determination to face the challenge and win through. You have made all of us so proud of you, love and kisses dad :>)

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